Alabama Drug Free Workplace Program

AL Dept. Labor

Alabama Drug Free Workplace Program

The Alabama Drug Free Workplace Program is designed to promote safe and productive workplaces across the state. By participating in this program, employers can reduce workplace accidents, enhance productivity, and potentially lower workers’ compensation premiums. Fortier Safety supports businesses in implementing and maintaining compliance with this vital program.

Enhanced Workplace Safety

The Alabama Drug Free Workplace Program significantly improves workplace safety by reducing the likelihood of drug-related accidents and incidents. Fortier Safety provides the necessary tools and training to help businesses comply with the program’s stringent guidelines, ensuring a safer work environment for all employees.

Compliance and Cost Savings

Participation in the Alabama Drug Free Workplace Program can lead to reduced workers’ compensation premiums, as businesses demonstrate their commitment to maintaining a drug-free workplace. Fortier Safety assists in the seamless integration of the program’s requirements, helping companies achieve compliance and realize potential cost savings.


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