Florida Drug Free Workplace Program

FL Dept. of Financial Services

Florida Drug Free Workplace Program

The Florida Drug-Free Workplace Program is designed to help employers maintain a safe and productive work environment. By implementing a comprehensive drug-free policy, businesses can reduce workplace accidents, enhance employee health, and potentially lower workers’ compensation costs. At Fortier Loss Control, we are committed to helping businesses understand and implement these policies to foster safer and more efficient workplaces.

Benefits of a Drug-Free Workplace

Implementing a drug-free workplace program can significantly reduce workplace accidents and improve overall safety. Studies show that employees in drug-free environments have fewer accidents and lower absenteeism, which translates to increased productivity and reduced workers’ compensation costs​​.

Legal and Financial Incentives


Employers who establish a Florida Drug-Free Workplace program may be eligible for a 5% credit on their workers’ compensation insurance premium. This not only provides direct financial savings but also encourages the maintenance of high safety standards, further protecting the workforce and reducing potential liabilities​​.


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