Kentucky Drug Free Workplace Program

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Kentucky Drug Free Workplace Program

The Kentucky Drug-Free Workplace Program aims to create safer and more productive work environments by encouraging employers to implement comprehensive drug-free policies. By participating in this program, businesses can reduce workplace accidents, increase productivity, and potentially lower workers’ compensation premiums. Fortier Loss Control supports businesses in adopting these practices to ensure a safer and more efficient workplace.

Program Requirements and Benefits

The Kentucky Drug-Free Workplace Program requires employers to develop a written policy, provide employee education and training, and conduct regular drug testing using an 11-panel test at SAMHSA-approved labs. Participation in this program can result in a 5% discount on workers’ compensation premiums, making it a cost-effective approach to enhancing workplace safety​ (Kentucky Education and Labor Cabinet)​.

Impact on Workplace Safety and Productivity

Implementing a drug-free workplace policy can significantly reduce absenteeism, turnover, and healthcare costs associated with substance abuse. This not only improves overall workplace safety but also boosts productivity by ensuring that all employees are performing at their best. Fortier Safety helps businesses integrate these policies seamlessly, contributing to a healthier and more productive workforce​ (Kentucky Education and Labor Cabinet)​.


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