Professional Services

At Fortier Loss Control Consultants, we understand that managing and resolving on-site accidents requires more than just legal assistance. Our comprehensive professional services are designed to provide thorough accident investigations, detailed documentation, and expert witness testimony to ensure that all aspects of an incident are properly addressed.


Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to helping you navigate the complexities of accident management with confidence and precision.

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What We Offer

Accident Investigation

When an accident occurs on-site, you need more than just a lawyer. We provide:

  • On-site accident investigations
  • Detailed documentation and reports
  • Third-party oversight to ensure objective analysis
Expert Witness Testimony

Our consultants serve as expert witnesses in legal proceedings involving safety issues, offering:

  • Credible and reliable testimony
  • Detailed report preparation
  • Objective third-party evaluation
Documentation and Reporting

We meticulously document everything related to the accident and provide these reports to your representatives, ensuring that you have all necessary proof to protect everyone involved.

Third-Party Protection

Acting as a neutral third party, we ensure that all documentation is thorough and unbiased, providing protection and credibility to your case.


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