Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program

TN Dept. of Labor

Tennessee Drug Free Workplace Program

The Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Program is designed to enhance workplace safety and productivity by encouraging employers to maintain a drug-free environment. By participating in this program, employers can reduce the risks associated with substance abuse, leading to fewer workplace accidents and a healthier, more productive workforce. Fortier Loss Control is dedicated to supporting businesses in implementing these policies to ensure safer work environments.

Program Requirements and Benefits

The Tennessee Drug-Free Workplace Program requires employers to provide employee education and training, conduct regular drug testing, and maintain records of all related activities. Employers who join this program are eligible for a 5% discount on workers’ compensation premiums, making it a cost-effective way to enhance workplace safety and compliance. Additionally, the program helps shift the burden of proof in workers’ compensation claims involving positive drug or alcohol tests, protecting employers from fraudulent claims​ (Tennessee State Government – TN.gov)​​.

Impact on Workplace Safety and Productivity

Implementing a drug-free workplace policy can significantly reduce absenteeism, healthcare costs, and employee turnover, all of which contribute to a more productive and efficient workplace. Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent and incur 300% higher medical costs than their non-abusing counterparts. By maintaining a drug-free environment, businesses can avoid these costs and improve overall productivity. Fortier Safety is committed to helping employers integrate these policies seamlessly, ensuring a safer and more efficient workplace.


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